Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Homecoming has been fun so far... but tommorrow should be even better!

ill be playing powder puff for the 1st time! :) && its my duty to kick their BOOTY! LOL

the game should be fun!

pudding feeding was also really fun... even if i got pudding ALL over! --> good times*

my favorite dress up day was 8o's wOrk out! some guys looked hilarious :P

...having fun dresing up! :P

Friday, September 18, 2009

SUMMER!(09)* :)

its hard to find the high lights of my summer because my summer in general was AMAZING! :)
i got to see my cousins in california, i went shopping, to the beach, tried the BEST sushi ever (where charly gave me a job :P). tried out for a commertial which was a lot of fun :) meet some cousins! went to Universal Studios, learned something about water polo, rode an elephant, etc.*

Mexico was totally fun! i got to see ALL my family & some of my friends... ate yumie tacos that i can not find anywhere around here! LOL went to my cousin's soccer game -> like i just to' more shopping, more surpices, more fun stuff... but defenelty the high light was Acapulco, it was my first time there... it was BEATIFUL! the view... the food, the weather PERFECT :)
i meet special people, and made memories that i'll never forget! <3

-> sumMerLOvE!