Thursday, February 25, 2010

learning && future...

I know there are many ways of learning, some people like to learn and do homework in a quiet room with some light to concentrate, while others like to learn listening to some music, playing games... the "fun" way. Personally, i love the "fun" way... I love doing plays, playing games, talking, presentations, listening to some music, making posters, commercials, anything. I love learning about cultures, places, art... i also like to writte. I also like lo learn about the enviroment, animals in danger, & ways to help people. Our english teacher asked us... "What do you like to learn about?" I love learning new things... i find it SO interesting... as long as is not the old boring way were you have to read & listen & writte on and on and on with no purpose. Well thats the way i think. :) "what would you like to learn?" Ah!! i would like to learn sooo many things... mainly culture! I'm going to Spain soon, I'm more than exited for that but i would also love to learn about Greece, Italy, France, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, China... agh i would like to know so much. Here are some links ->,, I would also like to learn more about the Olympics! hahahha and some athletes, like Apolo Anton Ohno. AMAZING skater! I watced so many good athlets this year but Apolo... he stole my heart. :P

After High School i would love to go to College, i really want to succed. I'm not sure what i want to study yet but I'm interested in international bussines & marketing... i would also like to do something that has to do with traveling... international bunisses does and that why i would like to do it... but maybe there is something else for me out there. I really like art & writting... & people tell me i would be a good therapest. I'm not sure of what i want to be, i just know i want to study. In 5 years i see my self in College, & maybe in another country learning about it. ->>>>>>>>> :D

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WEB 2.0 TOOL -> photovisi!(:

What is it called? photovisi
Is it totally free? Yes it is free
What does it do? You can create many collages! 
How could you use it for school to show you understanding? we can use it in many ways, instead of making a poster we can make a collage, etc (:
Overall, does it seem useful? i believe it does, and it makes your pictures look super pretty! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

my writting skills ...

Our class has been writing a lot in the past 2 months. I definitively feel like I've grown as a writer in the past month. I've improved a lot lately, but i still have some problems... I have to be inspired to write something, to find a way to put it into words. The problem is, when I'm not inspired I'm a complete disaster. I still have to learn how to write... "none stop" if there is a way. I believe that my imaginary its pretty good, people think its "interesting." I actually learned to love writing. Its a way of telling people the way you see things like.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ROMA; Italy(:*

There are a lot of places where i would LOVE to go... for English class we had to choose a place where we want to visit. It was a really hard decision. I want to learn and go to a hundred places but i had to choose one... Since I'm going to SPAIN this summer i decided to write about ROME, ITALY.
There is something about the people, FOOD, architecture, fashion, history... the language! :)

...amazing place <3

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