Monday, May 31, 2010


Challenge 9
In today's society technology plays a very important roll. It hard to find someone who doesn't know much about technology this days. I mean, you need it for almost everything... This challenge is about how the technology in teens has grown over the years. Did you know that when Facebook started it was only for a group of students in Harvard? I thought the whole technology growth was only noticed on cell phones, since is what teen "mostly" use. The truth is, social networks have grown a lot too. I'll give you some fun facts about it.
*girls send and receive more messages than boys. :O
*more than 40% of people check theis status/twitter before & after going to bed,
*people use facebook as their news resource WOW
*It is proven that young adults are the ones who upload, comment, and are more active in the network 18-21
*The group of people who not only use their phone BUT internet on it are again, young adults.
*Kids in between 12-15 use their phone mostly for calls of txts
*Facebook its E V E R Y W H E R E!
*Teens are most likely to get distracted by an electronic message when they are in the bathroom, eating, etc, etc.

When I read all of those things I was amazed, most of the things fit... but not all of them!
I do many of those things, like check my facebooks before going to bed, and well sometimes when I wake up... I do get distracted when I get a text or someone comments on my wall!
But i didn't agree with other things, I have some friends (males) who text like C R A Z Y, & I'm sure way more than me. I also thought we, the teen would've been the ones who use the web the most, but I suppose we are not.
It was definitely interesting looking at those statistics, it thought me many things... things that I knew but never really paid attention. But in the other hand, some that I had no idea!

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