Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sun Parlor

*** English class***

There are many different tones in the Sun Parlor.
The pictures with the happy girls mean the happy tone the book had when Sis saw the sun parlor.
The dark pictures & the pictures with sad people mean the feeling she had when her aunt was sick.
The pictures with the alone people mean the tone when nobody would want to go there, the feeling of being there was, sad alone, dark. It felt like it was not special.
The meaning of the girls smiling also represent the smile Sis had when west told her she could go in the Sun Parlor anytime she wanted.
The picture with the heart in the eye represents the love West saw on her mom's eyes.
The picture of the family mean the love west's mom had for all them & how it was more important her children than her beautiful house.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have many people who inspire me. 
  • grandpa
  • cousins
  • aunts
  • friends
  • singers
  • actors/actresses, etc. etc.
Its impossible for me to only be inspired by ONE person... 
I'm inspired by my F A M I L Y     :)
&& by that i don't only mean my parents && siblings ITS FROM GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS, UNCLES && COUSINS! 
I know they will always be there for me... even if I'm thousands of miles away. 
I'm trying to think why they are my inspiration... & i must say its very hard to decide, the thing that comes to my mind is AMAZING' I'm very grateful to have the family I do... 

..will always love them! <3


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Culture Time(:*

Ok, so think about your culture...
What traditions do you have? What do you like? Do you believe people all over the world believe & do what you do? INCORRECT' Yes yes, it's possible to have similar Holidays or ideas in different parts of the World but there are definitely different ones.
If you had the chance to learn about a new culture, what culture would it be??? Think about how fun would it be to know more about the planet we live in(:

Monday, November 2, 2009


Facebook, Myspace, Sonico, Hi5, Twitter, everything you have on the web can affect your digital footprint! how can you have a POSITIVE one? easy, do not public personal information like your social security number, address, etc, etc. do not public any pictures that could affect you in the future, remember your future job could be in hands of your Facebook. If you want to public a picture you can create an avatar, there are million of options out there. If you are going to public pictures or your real name make sure you have it under private, and add as friends only PEOPLE you know... you might be thinking "yea like something bad its going to happen to me" but bad things have happened to girls & guys around the world because of a bad digital footprint. What is a positive digital good print?? you know you have a good digital foot print when you don't use your own pictures or name, when you don't public personal information about your self &, if you do you are very careful of having it private & having appropriate things on your web page.   
Internet can be amazing, you can find friends that you haven't seen in decades! you can talk to people who live far from you... but it can also be harmful. Be responsible, have a positive digital footprint! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where would i like to spend a holiday?

I really couldn't decide about only one place to spend a holiday, that why i would ABSOLUTELY love to go around the world, just go & learn about new cultures, languages, people... I would love to go to Spain, Greece, Paris, Italy, India, Argentina, Brazil, etc, etc! i would definitely love to learn about the holidays in each different place! :)


Christmas, without a doubt is my favorite holiday ever! One of my favorite Christmas was a couple of years ago... in Mexico. I love to remember and to think of how my Christmas just to be like, all my family arrived just on time for dinner, my grandpa just to work in the dinner ALL day & i know why, because he wanted to have the perfect meat and he always did. While the adults were in their own group we, the kids where making a fire with my grandpa & uncle... we made marshmallows, potatoes, drank punch, and watched fireworks... Close to mid night we just to sit around the fire and sing, tell jokes, & stories. At mid night we all hugged each other because it was Christmas time... I still remember everything, the love, the laughs, the hugs, the family... my family! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If i could make a holiday, i would create the Shopping Day!
That day should be specially for people how loves to go shopping. The special activities for that day would be to shop until you cant anymore, our favorite clothes, shoes, EVERYTHING should be on sale!
-> that would be a great holiday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climate Change

As part of the student blogging challenge, i wrote a post for BAD 2009 on the topic of climate change.
Think about your favorite place, it doesn't matter where it is, it can be the green woods, the warm beach, the colorful meadow. Think about all the great moments you have lived in that special place. Did you know that because of climate change that place can be destroyed? That why we need to do something about our planet, we have to do something about Earth.

Climate change is the change in climate that occurs because of human activities like burning of coal, deforestation, pollution, etc. Another cause of climate change is the green house effect. The green house effect its necessary on earth because without it the temperature would be really low & we wouldn't be able to survive. The problem is how carbon dioxide and other gasses are increasing leaving the planet warmer and making changes on climate. The United States makes about 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in about 5.3 seconds!!! An example about climate change is Wisconsin, we all realized this summer the weather was much colder & is estimate for the temperature to change from 4 to 9 degrees in the next couple of years.

We need to do something about the place we live in, think about you, think about your love ones, about your family, about your future family (if you are planing on having one). Do you want them to be happy & breath the nice fresh air up on a mountain, run around green trees, swim in the blue ocean!? Do you want them to go outside & feel safe knowing a hurricane wont hit the moment they are playing on the beach? Don't be selfish and only think about your self, think about the world, think about going green, think about making a better place for you & for others!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


all rights reserved* :)
I spend part of my summer in the beach this past summer, everything was great, the sun, the beach, the food, activities EVERYTHING. 
Everywhere i looked was amazing, from morning until the afternoon, the sun, the waves, everything. 
The first day in Acapulco we went to our room  before dark to get ready & go out to eat. 
It was at night, in the way to the restaurant i looked to the beach & saw one of the most beautiful nights in my life.
 You could see the stars & the moon high up in the sky, the ocean & in the ocean little boats with lights, in the other side of the beach were hundreds of lights from the hotels. 
It was one of the most romantic views ever'  

->>I'll never forget those nights! <3 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


La playa or the beach is one of my favorite places in the world!
i was thinking about why out of so many places in the world i had to choose the beach & i came up with ->>REASONS TO LOVE THE BEACH*
1* the shiny sun can give you the perfect tan,
2* the unique feeling of the warm sand in your toes,
3* the crazy waves are perfect for a surfing day,
4* you can find the most delicious food & drinks
5* aquatic sports; waterski, banana, scuba-diving, ski boat, etc.
6* the magic nights; stars, moon & ocean!
7* sports!
8* shopping :)
I could keep naming more fun activities but they are so many, impossible to think of all. I found a page were it shows some other beach activities.
I was reading over and i realized it didn't say anything
about futbol playero or beach soccer!
(soccer is my favorite sport) futbol playero is a little bet different
from regular soccer but futbol playero
its also fun to play. here are the rules

Friday, October 2, 2009

interesting things from other blogs'

I have been looking blogs from other countries finding really interesting things...

Various blogs talk about either environment or animals in danger' it was really nice knowing that people around the world care about what is happening & do something to help the planet!

A lot of people is learning english too, which tells me how important english is.

I feel like most people's dream is to travel around the world just like me; go to Europe & learn different languages!
No surprise; Twilight Saga a total success all around the world. :P
I always knew about banana boats in Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, and other beaches in Mexico & i found out that there are banana boats in other places, not only in Mexico... that was nice to know! :)

i have some pictures from the past summer...
->>me, my sister & aunt in "La Banana" :)
( the boat is supposed to look like a banana, the one we rode was kind of red :P but it was fun)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Homecoming has been fun so far... but tommorrow should be even better!

ill be playing powder puff for the 1st time! :) && its my duty to kick their BOOTY! LOL

the game should be fun!

pudding feeding was also really fun... even if i got pudding ALL over! --> good times*

my favorite dress up day was 8o's wOrk out! some guys looked hilarious :P

...having fun dresing up! :P

Friday, September 18, 2009

SUMMER!(09)* :)

its hard to find the high lights of my summer because my summer in general was AMAZING! :)
i got to see my cousins in california, i went shopping, to the beach, tried the BEST sushi ever (where charly gave me a job :P). tried out for a commertial which was a lot of fun :) meet some cousins! went to Universal Studios, learned something about water polo, rode an elephant, etc.*

Mexico was totally fun! i got to see ALL my family & some of my friends... ate yumie tacos that i can not find anywhere around here! LOL went to my cousin's soccer game -> like i just to' more shopping, more surpices, more fun stuff... but defenelty the high light was Acapulco, it was my first time there... it was BEATIFUL! the view... the food, the weather PERFECT :)
i meet special people, and made memories that i'll never forget! <3

-> sumMerLOvE!