Thursday, June 3, 2010

Challenge 10; Over the Semester

Over the past semester I've posted a couple of times, seven to be exact. All of them were school based, They were either for the Blogging Challenge wish was part of English class. I believe my blog wasn't the most popular for that part of the year where I only got 2 comments! I Think I have an idea of why not many people commented on my blog, I don't think I posted as often as I used to... and maybe the topics I chose weren't of their best interest. The post where I got those comments where the common license, and the place where I live.

I think I got a comment in the Wisconsin post because people like to learn about places, well I'm maybe just thinking about myself, but I really find it very interesting! The commented on how Wisconsin in fact is a great place to live. The creative commons license also got a comment, this was a really interesting topic. I really had no idea about what that was, but got really interest in the topic.

My favorite post was the LOVE EARTH post. I read so many things about Earth and how we can help, that I couldn't wait to write about it. I know this topic is very controversial, and I know I would like to help but don't really do it because for some reason I think I would have to give up a lot of things, but NO! It only takes an hour if we ALL do it together, and it will pay of, just wait until your children grow up!

I tried to change the blog themes to make it a little more interesting. I don't really know if it worked or not, but I still think I should have posted A LOT more, about things I like enjoy doing. Maybe I need to make my blog a little more me, but I think I'll join the Blogging challenge next year and do something good!

I had a couple of widgets, but I think I should of added more, I'll provably improve my blog by doing that.

I asked one of my classmates (Allison), to take a look at my blog. She told me what she liked and gave me advice in what I should work at.

According to her, the first impression was that it was very colorful, it had nice work, and good blog length. She also thought it was kind to the users. :)

What captured her attention was the pictures & widgets, she also said the animal farm video was interesting.

The distraction was how pictures and sometimes parts of the post stand out more than the rest.

She also had some suggestions that I'll follow for SURE. she suggested to make my tittles BIGGER or bold, to make them stand a little more. She also said that I should gather peoples attention a little more. Something that makes them want to read the rest!

I'll definitely follow her advices, the blogging challenges were very interesting, and I learned a lot from them. I can not wait for next year YAY :)