Monday, November 2, 2009


Facebook, Myspace, Sonico, Hi5, Twitter, everything you have on the web can affect your digital footprint! how can you have a POSITIVE one? easy, do not public personal information like your social security number, address, etc, etc. do not public any pictures that could affect you in the future, remember your future job could be in hands of your Facebook. If you want to public a picture you can create an avatar, there are million of options out there. If you are going to public pictures or your real name make sure you have it under private, and add as friends only PEOPLE you know... you might be thinking "yea like something bad its going to happen to me" but bad things have happened to girls & guys around the world because of a bad digital footprint. What is a positive digital good print?? you know you have a good digital foot print when you don't use your own pictures or name, when you don't public personal information about your self &, if you do you are very careful of having it private & having appropriate things on your web page.   
Internet can be amazing, you can find friends that you haven't seen in decades! you can talk to people who live far from you... but it can also be harmful. Be responsible, have a positive digital footprint! :)

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  1. Nice work Karlet, I believe you are correct. There are many things that make up your digital footprint. You should always remember, what goes on the internet, can never come off. Even if you think you deleted the information or picture, it will somehow still be posted on the internet. When you are putting information on the internet, you should think about what other older people would think about that. Keep in mind, "Is this something I would want everyone to see?"