Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sun Parlor

*** English class***

There are many different tones in the Sun Parlor.
The pictures with the happy girls mean the happy tone the book had when Sis saw the sun parlor.
The dark pictures & the pictures with sad people mean the feeling she had when her aunt was sick.
The pictures with the alone people mean the tone when nobody would want to go there, the feeling of being there was, sad alone, dark. It felt like it was not special.
The meaning of the girls smiling also represent the smile Sis had when west told her she could go in the Sun Parlor anytime she wanted.
The picture with the heart in the eye represents the love West saw on her mom's eyes.
The picture of the family mean the love west's mom had for all them & how it was more important her children than her beautiful house.

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