Friday, April 9, 2010

creative commons license (:

When my English teach told us the blogging challenge was about commons license I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. I always wondered how to copy right my stuff but never really knew how to. Watching the video I learned so many new things, and everything clicked! I do agree in people having a creative commons license. I'm actually thinking of making one my self, even if my stuff is not the greatest I would like to people to know it was me, if they would like to add stuff to it I would be more than happy for them to do it... maybe they like the idea but they could do something different with it. I would like people doing that as long as I know what they are doing. The people who visit my blog are meanly form the challenge, and of course my English teacher :) haha! Even if not a lot of people visit my Blog I would like the people who does know I did it.

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  1. Hi Karlet,

    I stopped by to visit your blog as part of the Edublogger name is Mrs. Streen and I am a high school librarian in Cleveland.

    You did a nice job setting up your blog. This post about the creative commons license and copyright is very well written - you spent a lot of time thinking about this concept.

    I hope you are enjoying being a part of the Challenge - getting a chance to read blog posts from other students and writing your own posts - thanks for participating.

    Mrs. Streen :)