Thursday, February 25, 2010

learning && future...

I know there are many ways of learning, some people like to learn and do homework in a quiet room with some light to concentrate, while others like to learn listening to some music, playing games... the "fun" way. Personally, i love the "fun" way... I love doing plays, playing games, talking, presentations, listening to some music, making posters, commercials, anything. I love learning about cultures, places, art... i also like to writte. I also like lo learn about the enviroment, animals in danger, & ways to help people. Our english teacher asked us... "What do you like to learn about?" I love learning new things... i find it SO interesting... as long as is not the old boring way were you have to read & listen & writte on and on and on with no purpose. Well thats the way i think. :) "what would you like to learn?" Ah!! i would like to learn sooo many things... mainly culture! I'm going to Spain soon, I'm more than exited for that but i would also love to learn about Greece, Italy, France, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, China... agh i would like to know so much. Here are some links ->,, I would also like to learn more about the Olympics! hahahha and some athletes, like Apolo Anton Ohno. AMAZING skater! I watced so many good athlets this year but Apolo... he stole my heart. :P

After High School i would love to go to College, i really want to succed. I'm not sure what i want to study yet but I'm interested in international bussines & marketing... i would also like to do something that has to do with traveling... international bunisses does and that why i would like to do it... but maybe there is something else for me out there. I really like art & writting... & people tell me i would be a good therapest. I'm not sure of what i want to be, i just know i want to study. In 5 years i see my self in College, & maybe in another country learning about it. ->>>>>>>>> :D

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