Monday, March 22, 2010

L O V E-earth! -> EARTH HOUR *

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I've seen some forwards in the web where they plan an international earth day... I don't really check my email often since its full of notifications from facebook or other cites, so when i get to open them its to late. I always wondered if days of not using any energy for 5 minutes actually worked, one day changing through the channels in TV I saw a guy talking about this forwards. He said that it couldn't help much if people don't really see it and if it actually gets to another places in earth the time would be different, he though THAT forward weren't well planed. I have to admit, I got his point, I mean it only said one day at ONE specific hour. Soon enough I forgot about the forward, but today for English class our class had to do this challenge, we did one similar the past fall... I was scowling down and then I saw something that caught my attention "Join in Earth Hour..." I wondered what it was about, and soon enough I was exploring the page. I found SO many things. I consider my self a Hippie in someway... Ahaha I really care about the environment, It's one of my favorite topics in sciences, but well that another story. The challenge was about posting of something related to the environment. I found so many ways of helping prevent climate change, and when I was many, I mean MANY! ways to help individuals, cities, organizations, schools, etc. I also found some Climate Facts... I really liked the page, but I was still wondering what is this all about? Earth Day is a movement who tries to help climate change, this group invites people to turn off lights for an hour.
-Does this actually work?
YES! Earth day make it at the same time ALL over the world, I don't mean time by hour, but by... time! hahah I guess what I'm trying to say is it can be 1.oOpm in Wisconsin, and 8.Oopm in Spain!
-But what can you do for an hour, well they give you A LOT of ideas, I do think its worth it. :)

The date is March 27, it will be at 8:3O pm in Wisconsin. Since it will be at night, I think I'm going out side and look at the stars for a while, can you imagine how cool would it look?? yes yes, I know not EVERYONE is doing it, but we have to start somewhere, and I want to start helping!

JOIN there is still time! :D

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