Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo? Avatar? Photo? Avatar?... AVATAR!

In general, don't think its very appropriate for students to use real pictures of themselves in their blogs. I don't want to be hypocrite, to a certain point i understand why us, teenagers use pictures of our selves. Is a way of seeing people who are far, to see friends, to see what they do, but sometimes the innocent idea of using pictures to show your buds how cute you look in a picture can turn in something fatal. Your friends are NOT the only ones who can see your pictures. Posting a picture of you is like opening the door of your house to a complete stranger. Not all the people in the world have good intentions, and you have to know that.

You shouldn't post any personal information, your friends should know it after all right? In the case of a blog, you are sharing your thoughts, not where you live... can you imagine how many people can see your blog!??? If you are going to post a picture of your self make sure you are not the only one on it, that way people wont know who is the owner of the blog. If you love to have pictures on you blog, facebook, whatever, you can always use an avatar. You can express your feeling and thing you like though pictures. It could be a beach, shopping bags, a basketball... whatever you like.

It better, and more fun when you go online and you know you are being safe... i found some privacy setting Facebook users should have, & i wanted to share it with you!...

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