Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climate Change

As part of the student blogging challenge, i wrote a post for BAD 2009 on the topic of climate change.
Think about your favorite place, it doesn't matter where it is, it can be the green woods, the warm beach, the colorful meadow. Think about all the great moments you have lived in that special place. Did you know that because of climate change that place can be destroyed? That why we need to do something about our planet, we have to do something about Earth.

Climate change is the change in climate that occurs because of human activities like burning of coal, deforestation, pollution, etc. Another cause of climate change is the green house effect. The green house effect its necessary on earth because without it the temperature would be really low & we wouldn't be able to survive. The problem is how carbon dioxide and other gasses are increasing leaving the planet warmer and making changes on climate. The United States makes about 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in about 5.3 seconds!!! An example about climate change is Wisconsin, we all realized this summer the weather was much colder & is estimate for the temperature to change from 4 to 9 degrees in the next couple of years.

We need to do something about the place we live in, think about you, think about your love ones, about your family, about your future family (if you are planing on having one). Do you want them to be happy & breath the nice fresh air up on a mountain, run around green trees, swim in the blue ocean!? Do you want them to go outside & feel safe knowing a hurricane wont hit the moment they are playing on the beach? Don't be selfish and only think about your self, think about the world, think about going green, think about making a better place for you & for others!

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