Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If i could make a holiday, i would create the Shopping Day!
That day should be specially for people how loves to go shopping. The special activities for that day would be to shop until you cant anymore, our favorite clothes, shoes, EVERYTHING should be on sale!
-> that would be a great holiday!


  1. Hey my name is Savannah, and I think that that would be an awesome Holiday. I love shopping too! and if everything was on sale i would totally shop till I dropped! I would get so much cloths after that day. Because I have been saving up my money to go on a shopping spree! WOO HOO!

  2. Hello im Karlet! :)
    I saved money to go shopping also! haha
    I had so much fun! lol... but now i have NO money! lol ooh well' I will save some more...
    I'm pretty sure you'll have tons of fun! lol

    lets cross our fingers & hope Shopping Day comes true! :)

  3. well there kinda is a shopping day.. Black Friday! and im going shopping that day :)