Wednesday, October 7, 2009


La playa or the beach is one of my favorite places in the world!
i was thinking about why out of so many places in the world i had to choose the beach & i came up with ->>REASONS TO LOVE THE BEACH*
1* the shiny sun can give you the perfect tan,
2* the unique feeling of the warm sand in your toes,
3* the crazy waves are perfect for a surfing day,
4* you can find the most delicious food & drinks
5* aquatic sports; waterski, banana, scuba-diving, ski boat, etc.
6* the magic nights; stars, moon & ocean!
7* sports!
8* shopping :)
I could keep naming more fun activities but they are so many, impossible to think of all. I found a page were it shows some other beach activities.
I was reading over and i realized it didn't say anything
about futbol playero or beach soccer!
(soccer is my favorite sport) futbol playero is a little bet different
from regular soccer but futbol playero
its also fun to play. here are the rules


  1. Hi callet..!!

    As I see you love la playa..!!!

    So do I. It's my favorite place as I deeply love the sea. I live in Crete one of the most beautiful islands of Greece so it's easily understood that I can't even imagine my life away from sea!!

    I adore diving into 'her' deep blue hug during hot summer days as well as's amazing..!!! The morning breeze and the smooth sound of slight ripples help me to get away from it all travelling in exotic places which I would like to be...

    As you mentioned there are many recreational activities that you can enjoy, however you forgot the most interesting as well as enchanting...the beach parties...:-)...!!!

    p.s: nice photos...!!

  2. Hello GK!

    Yes I really love the beach,
    you are so lucky, living close to the beach!
    I used to live you can say "close" to one but i moved to the United States so I don't go as much as i just to. When i go, i enjoy the most of it. I know what you mean ugh i wish i was there right now!

    How could i forget about that! yes the beach parties are definitively amazing! :)
    & thank you!* :)

  3. Hi I really like your pictures! I'm from Florida so I also know how great and fun the beach is. I feel so lucky to live so close to the beach. People travel all around the world to go to the beach but I can go everyday :))
    Check out my blog its about Florida living!!

  4. Thank youu!(:*
    UGH you are SO lucky! i wish i lived next to the beach' I LOVE IT!
    i checked your blog its SO CUTE! i love it'
    i havent been in Florida but im deff. going! :)
    it sounds amazing! ugh maybe you hear thei all the time... but yes yes im jealous of youu!! :)